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When you hand the bride her bouquet and she hugs you.   The ceremony that still brings a tear to your eye.  When the couple kisses.  The first time the couple sees the venue and they are breathless.  When the timing is perfect. When the dance floor is filled with guests from ages 3 – 83.  When the couple tells you it was the most amazing time ever. When you go home and put your feet up. . . and possibly have a glass of wine.

Every day you are planning and prepping, putting your blood, sweat and tears into making the “happily ever after” a reality for your couples. . . but what about for you?  Why are you so darn good at planning, making contingencies for your clients, but not for yourself? Do you ever think  about what will happen to all the hard work you put into your business if you couldn’t work on it for a day?  What about a week?  How about a month?  This is always one of those “what if” questions you’ve asked yourself again and again but wasn’t quite sure how to address.

What If I told you that things could be different?

  • A plan in place for short or extended leave
  • The flexibility for personal time off
  • A sense of calm in the back of your mind

I’m excited about launching a program designed to help wedding professionals plan for those sometimes unexpected days, weeks or months away from your business and have that happy ending you make happen for couples, a reality for you.

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